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Aussies Respond To Cafe Siege With A Heart-Warming #illridewithyou Hashtag

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Anti-Islamic sentiment has flooded social media in the wake of the Sydney siege, but there is a campaign gathering steam that will restore your faith in humanity.

A Twitter movement, #illridewithyou, has sprouted with everyday Australians offering to ride on buses and trains with Muslims, or give them a lift to work tomorrow, in order to keep them safe.

The grassroots campaign began with this thoughtful tweet from @sirtessa:


She received such a strong response from the Twittersphere that she suggested the #illridewithyou hashtag. The idea quickly took off, with people throughout Australia pledging their support for Australia’s Muslim community.


The campaign was widely praised on social media. “Today goes to show, Australians will always come together and support one another,” one Twitter user wrote.

The campaign seems to echo Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s statement during his Monday press conference.

“Australia is a peaceful, open and generous society. Nothing should ever change that,” he said.MYNEWSHUB



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