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Aspiring Singer, Reena Uses RM100,000 Savings To Make Album

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KUALA LUMPUR – Aspiring singer Nik Azlina Nik Dir who goes by the commercial name of Reena Nicky has used her savings of RM100,000 for her debut album despite knowing that the sales of Malay albums are dropping.

In Reena’s vocabulary, the word ‘loss’ does not exist if it is for investment purposes, as long as she can improve her singing skills, especially since she was now 36 years old.

“Actually, by me using my savings to make the album, I have helped many others as I will be paying the song writers, lyricists and other people to gain popularity,” she told Bernama.

She has recently participated in the KL Street Jam show held at the Dataran Medan Pasar here, alongside other artistes like Zarul Umbrella and Jipie Pesawat and Band.

The money saved from her salary as a clerk, and manager at a petrol station in Klang for seven years as well as from her job as a freelance singer, was now invested in her first album, Penuh Magika, she said.

Reena added that she had toiled for one year and used her own money to get songs from noted composers such as Manan Ngah, Is Wow, Azam Dungun and Rosli Ahmad.

“Penuh Magika which will be launched this Thursday at Menara Kuala Lumpur is proof of my love for singing, my experiences in this field have made me more determined,” she said.

Her first single, Gadis Kelate, released early this year, has created interest, with many asking for her full album.

“After that, I became more positive, there are many people following my development, they have asked for the full album and I am giving them what they want through the Penuh Magika album,” she said.

Reena said the album contained nine songs which are presented in various modes – pop, pop ballad and jazz.

“Some of the songs included in the album are ‘Penuh Magika’, ‘Sampai Saat Ini’, ‘Katakan Ya pada Dunia (with its theme of unity), ‘Cinta yang Terpatri (on marriage) and ‘Hebat Gemamu Aidilfitri’ (on Hari Raya mode).

Reena, who is from Pasir Putih, Kelantan, began her singing career in 1994. – Bernama


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