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You Are Asking The Wrong Person, UPKO

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The recent statement by the Secretary General of UPKO, Donald Mojuntin urging the President of Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan), Shafie Apdal to state his stand on the proposal for the reissuance of the identity cards in the State as a mean to resolve the problem of illegal immigrants in possesion of the documents potrays the act of desperation on the part of UPKO to survive not only within BN itself but in the state.

According to the state assemblyman for Moyog, Terrence Siambun, it is now apparent that neither Najib Razak nor Musa Aman is impressed with the proposal put forth by UPKO to the extent that the party had to demand other opposition leaders in the state to support its proposal.

“I am very sympathetic with the dilemma faced by Madius Tangau and Donald Mojuntin in whereby both have been staunch supporters of Najib Razak by being ferociously supportive of GST in the Parliament and on the 1MDB issue.

But alas, they cannot even impress the Prime Minister on the re-issuance of MyKads despite having talking about it even before PRU13.

” I assume Donald Mojuntin may had forgotten it but Penampang voters may very well remember the giant signboard near the Sigah Roundabout implying that a win for BN Sabah is a win for UPKO’s proposed reissuance of IC in the state.

But after 4 years, nothing happened and now, in the act of desperation, Donald Mojuntin is demanding Shafie Apdal to support him,” Siambun said.

“I find it funny (and so does thousands of Sabahan netizens) because shouldn’t UPKO be demanding UMNO Sabah to support their proposal and had it done immediately since both are actually the Government of the day.

Why do UPKO have to listen to the opinion to an opposition leader (Shafie Apdal) when Madius Tangau could have easily ask Najib Razak or Musa Aman to proceed with the proposal in view of UPKO’s solid support towards Najib Razak all the while,” he asked.

“I can only come out with a single reasoning that is, Donald Mojuntin may think that Shafie Apdal is such an important figure in Sabah’s politic that UPKO had to listen attentively to whatever Shafie is saying even to the reporters.

So if that is the case, then it is most welcomed if UPKO can ditch BN Sabah and form a pact with Warisan, he added.

Siambun also said that he does not think that idea on the reissuance of the MyKad actually originated from UPKO but from other political parties.

“If my memory serves me well, I do believe it was SAPP who brought up the idea through numerous Borneo Tea Party organised by UBF prior to PRU13 but somehow it ended being used by UPKO in its PRU13 campaign.

And what Donald Mojuntin may have conveniently ignored or may just not know off but to the knowledge of many people is that the MP Parliament, Darell Leiking, had already repeatedly asked the Federal Government in Parliament at each session on whether the reissuance of a Sabah IC will commence or not but the answer is regretfully not what we all expected.

Perhaps Donald Mojuntin can arrange for an appointment to meet up Darell Leiking for a copy of the Parliamentary answer,” he explained.

And I find it totally uncalled for Donald Mojuntin to ridicule the President of PCS, Wilfred Bumburing on this matter considering that the latter had been very consistent on this issue in Parliament that he eventually left UPKO for the party’s inability to act on this matter, he concluded.

Terence Siambun
State Assemblyman, Moyog
Tresurer, Warisan Sabah

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