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As Flood Subsides, PAS May See UMNO In A Different Light

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As the flood in East-coast subsides and the victims are left to pick up the pieces and start afresh, the hot political climate that subsided when the flood started two weeks ago begins to heat up.

While PAS and Umno leaders in Kelantan picked up the pieces, counting the losses in monetary terms to ease up the victims’ after-flood sufferings, the Islamist party has another ‘battle’ to face.

Regardless of the Kelantanese political ideology, the flood that ‘uprooted’ the hundreds of thousands of lives would by now ‘knock good sense’ in their political differences as leaders of both parties ‘pick up the pieces from where they had left’ before the flood.

The state PAS leaders will now go back to pursuing its ‘held back’ schedule for a special sitting of the state assembly to pass the amendment to the Syariah Laws for Criminal Code after which the sitting will appointment an MP to table a private member’s bill in Parliament for Hudud to be implemented in the state.

Kelantan Umno had already agreed to support PAS’ proposal and once the bill is in parliament, PAS is expected to have a ‘truly mammoth task’ of explaining the whole Syariah laws to its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners – DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The scenario currently – flood or no flood – is that DAP is dead set against Hudud laws while PKR is playing psychology and buying time by asking the Islamist party to fill up the leaders with full detail of the laws.

DAP leaders had outrightly told PAS to leave PR if the Islamist party could not follow the pact’s leadership consensus that rejected the Islamic state and Hudud laws while PKR Malay leaders are, until today, playing the balancing act as opposing the Islamist party’s objective puts them as ‘infidels’ while agreeing with PAS puts them in logger heads with DAP.

PAS leaders had instead threw back the ball at DAP’s leaders feet, telling them off that DAP should be the one to leave the pact since it disagreed to PAS’ ideology and objectives.

Putting aside the verbal enmity between the two parties that are poles apart in ideology and objectives, the scenario looks bleak for the pact to continue working together for the ‘2018 project’ which they failed by ‘a slim chance’ in 2013 – to topple the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government.

By next month, the state assembly is expected to convene and adopt the Hudud laws and by then, the Islamist party’s sour political relationship with DAP is expected to hit its peak.

PAS is not expected to back away from its objective while DAP is not expected to give way for PAS to stay in the opposition pact with its Islamic laws.

The likely scenario is PAS may decide to leave PR and work with BN, in particular Umno, given that Umno is the only Malay Islamic party that understands Islamic laws and the obligations of Muslims towards their faith.

And Umno is the only party that understands how to balance the obligation towards faith and responsibility towards non-Muslims without the latter being sidelined or victimised.MYNEWSHUB


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