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Artist Creates Teh Tarik Man Image Out Of 20,000 Teabags In Spirit Of Unity

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She first wowed art fans with her play on Malaysian life using food and a plate as a canvas, now mixed-media artist extraordinaire ‘Red’ Hong Yi has another trick up her sleeves.

A portrait that is so near and dear to all of us: a man making teh tarik (pulled tea).

Made entirely out of a staggering 20,000 drained and partially-drained teabags, Hong Yi pieced the soaked bags manually to form the much-loved image.

Hong Yi deep in concentration; creating the image piece-by-piece. Pic credit:
The ‘Teh Tarik Man’ portrait signifies unity among races in Malaysia formed through a simple glass of teh tarik. Pic credit to

The piece was commissioned for the Malaysian cultural showcase at the recent World Economic Forum on January 24 in Davos, Switzerland.

Explaining her choice of subject matter, Red said the teh tarik was a reflection of shared Malaysian culture, a drink for which “locals gather in kopitiams and mamak (shops), and here they talk about where to buy the best durians, the traffic, politics, weather and soccer.

“It is a drink that brings people together and I hope that I am able to share a bit of my country’s culture through this piece,” she said.

The exhibition provides a platform to positively address the crumbling unity among Malaysians today. Rather than bicker which ethnicity has the best this-and-that, why not pull up a chair and share our mutual love for the frothy, sweet beverage?-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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