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Wrinkles Listed As Women’s Top Worry,Polls Say

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A British survey, conducted by UK beauty brand Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum, has found 70 percent of women cite wrinkles as their main ‘getting old’ gauge.

So worried are we about ageing, we’d rather be youthful than fat, the survey showed – telling a woman over 35 that she looks young was listed as the biggest compliment you could pay her. Next in line on the worry list was sagging breasts, with 50 percent of women naming them as their second-highest concern.

Females become most preoccupied with ageing and the way they look at the age of 39, the survey found, with two thirds of women investing in anti-ageing products and one third of women feeling pressure to look young, the Daily Mail reports.

Celebrities that are now 39 include Angelina Jolie, Natalie Imbruglia, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore.

The average age to start using anti-ageing products depends on whether you’ve had children or not – those without kids start five years earlier, at 31-years-old, while mums invest in anti-ageing at the age of 36. fear1 Yummy mummy battles rage at the school gate, where women feel the most self-conscious, the survey found. Meanwhile, one in 10 women reported feeling most aware of their looks during sex. Other places we notice our sagging skin include in photographs, while on holiday, or while attending a special event like a wedding, christening or birthday.

Women’s top signs they are growing old:

1. Wrinkles (70 per cent)

2. Sagging breasts (50 per cent)

3. Losing teeth (37 per cent)

4. Saying ‘I remember when this song was first released’ (25 per cent)

5. Forgetting people’s names (24 per cent)MYNEWSHUB


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