Ar Rawdah Inspired Prayer Rugs Awailable At MIHAS 2017

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KUALA LUMPUR – Prayer rugs designed after the carpets at Ar Rawdah an Nabawiyah
in Nabawi Mosque are among the products showcased at the Malaysia International
Islamic Lifestyle (MILE) exhibition 2017 here.

Made in Madinah, visitors can now own prayer rugs similar to those in the
Prophet’s mosque, thanks to the effort of a Saudi Arabian company, alrawda.

“We are so proud that we are bringing high quality products to the muslim
community and make them feel that connection between Masjidil Nabawi wherever
they go,” alrawda board member and CEO Abdulkader Mahairi told Bernama.

The four-day exhibition ending on Saturday is held in conjunction with the
Malaysia International Halal Showcase 2017 (MIHAS).

Participating for the first time in MILE staged at Kuala Lumpur Convention
Centre here, Abdulkader hoped the products would break into the Malaysian

“We are looking for partners from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and
through this exhibition, we have met some of them.

“We are very excited to work with them although nothing has been finalised
yet. But we are open to opportunities,” he said.

According to Abdulkader, alrawda which was set up in 2015 has three stores
in Madinah.

“The Saudi market has accepted the product very well because we do not have
many souvenirs made in Saudi for pilgrims. The pilgrims had been buying
souvenirs from Saudi Arabia which were not products of Saudi,” he said.

The company offers prayer rugs in two colours – green, which represents
those used in the Ar Rawdah and red used in Nabawi Mosque.

The rugs come in two packages, normal and luxury, and are made of polyester,
acrylic and other material.

Abdulkader said alrawda aimed to expand internationally by offering
opportunities to Asian companies to work with them.

Currently the company only sells its products online, and with collaboration
with other companies in other regions.

Besides the rugs, alrawda also offers other products such as perfume made
with zam-zam water, Madina rose essence mixed with musk and oud wood oil,
jewelleries and dates.