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Apparently Somebody Thought Hiking Toll Fares Will Reduce Traffic

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KUALA LUMPUR: Higher toll fares is not the answer to cut down traffic jam on the highways, said MCA Publicity Bureau chairman Senator Datuk Chai Kim Sen.

He was referring to a proposal by Works Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof who had on Monday suggested increasing the fares during peak hours as a way to ease road congestions.

He said it was a wrong approach to solve the problem as it would only add financial burden to the people.

He called on the Government to improve the current public transport network instead.

“Traffic jam cannot be avoided during peak hours when most people are going to work and heading back home but a good system will encourage them to take public transport and reduce the number of vehicles on the roads,” said Chai.

He also called on the Government to promote carpooling as an alternative measure to reduce traffic jam.

“If given a choice, I am sure that most Malaysians would want to avoid being caught in a jam as it is a waste of time. So, the plan to up the toll fares as a means of traffic control is simply not feasible,” he added.


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