Frances Bean Cobain Ordered To Pay Ex Almost $50,000

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Frances Bean Cobain and ex Isaiah Silva have come to a temporary agreement regarding spousal support.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter will pay Isaiah $12,000 a month over the next four months as temporary spousal support while the two going through mediation.

The 24-year-old will also have to pay $15,000 to cover some of the cost (if not all) of Isaiah’s attorney fees.

The stipulation includes their agreement on a mediator and the inspection of Frances’ Los Angeles home, which Isaiah was ordered to vacate nearly two weeks ago.

Frances initially filed for divorce in late March of this year after the two secretly tied the knot in June of 2014.
In court documents, Frances stated that Isaiah was not to have any monetary gain from her late father’s estate, which many reports have estimated to be valued at $450 million.

In fact, documents specifically noted the following:
“Petitioner requests that all gifts, inheritance, bequests and all other pre-marital assets, and all of her post-separation earnings, and acquisitions, as well as her clothing, jewelry and personal effects, be confirmed and/or awarded to her as her separate property plus all credits, offsets and reimbursements to which she is entitled.”