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An Open Letter: Answering The ‘Apa Lagi Melayu Mahu?’ Question

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Dear Bobby,

I also share the sentiment of anti-racism with you. Islam does not condone such barbaric acts.

Nevertheless, there must be a reason for every action. The Malays will never scratch their head unless it itches and they would never dance unless they hear some music.

True you did not steal from the Malays. What you achieved is because of your unrelenting effort and hard work to improve your economic strata.

The Malays are really tolerant people and the proof is that you have prospered and enjoyed the economic benefits and hold the main economic power in the country. Opportunity is vast open for you to prosper despite the govt, police and military is being commanded by the Malays. You have never dwelled in a state of oppression under the power that be.

Withal, the hatred that you saw in the 15 second video is true but it is not based solely on an isolated handphone fiasco. It is actually a burst of wrath that has accumulated since as recent as 2008.

Malays are tolerant, but there is a boundary to their patience. Somethings can not be compromised for the Malays especially when it gets to the Raja2 Melayu and Islam. Both this entity is sacred to the Malays.

Certain politicians and certain political party have constantly instigated and provoked sentiments that angered the Malays.
Please tell them to stop mocking the Raja2 Melayu. Entities like Alvin Tan is just making things worse for all of us.

Please stop disputing the Kalimah Allah issue.

Please don’t question or make fun of our prayer call (azan).

Please stop criticizing Islamic fundamentals such as hudud by saying it is barbaric and irrelevant in this fresh era.

Please stop defending animals like Sam Becile who made heinous movies about our holy Prophet. When we voice our anger to Sam, please don’t say we are wasting our time. You are actually diverting the attacks to yourselves. Why place yourself in the line of fire?

Please stop spinning any disaster and mishap that happens in our nation as a strategically structured conspiracy by UMNO. I refer to the Lahad Datu incident and even the latest Low Yat incident that some morons say is a diversion tactic by the government to save 1MDB.

There are so many more examples that i can give. The list is seemingly endless.

Innocent people are compensating with their lives for irresponsible and seditious remark made by the opposition leaders that the Chinese community have voted overwhelmingly.

MCA has made you prosper all these years.
But the chauvanist leaders that you have voted massively has only brought trouble and made you easy targets of extremism.

You ask us what more the Malays wants (Apa lagi Melayu mahu)? Well, please tell the opposition leaders that you voted to stop making provocations.

Let us all put aside our differences and live harmoniously as true Malaysians.


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