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Amputee’s Crutches ‘Stolen’ By Bouncers

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KUALA LUMPUR: An emotional video by American amputee and paralympic ski-racer Josh Sundquist, who sobbed that bouncers at a popular nightclub here “stole” his crutches while he was dancing, has gone viral.

The 31-year-old YouTube sensation and best selling author of Just Don’t Fall, said he went to Zouk Kuala Lumpur on Satur-day with his wife and several others.

Sundquist said that while dancing, he had “jumped up” onto a slightly elevated platform.

“After about a minute or two, some security guards came and pulled away one of my crutches. Then another security guard came and pulled away my other crutch.

“And I’m standing there in the middle of the dance club without my crutches,” he sobbed.

“You know, for a person with no leg, that means I’m immobile; I can’t move, I can’t walk,” he said in the six-minute video clip uploaded on Tuesday.

Sundquist, who was here to give a motivational speech at iM4U’s Reach Out Convention and Celebration 2016, said as soon as he got his crutches back, he and his wife left the club.

In its response on the club’s Facebook page, Zouk KL said that it had reviewed the CCTV footage and found several “inaccuracies” in Sundquist’s claims.

The club said Sundquist had ascended the “female-only” two-feet high dance podium at the Zouk Main Room.

“Within a minute, a member of the security staff approached Mr Sundquist to ask him to come down from the podium, explaining to him that the podium was for women.

“Mr Sundquist appeared to ignore him and continued dancing on the podium,” it said, adding that another security staff member also approached Sundquist and asked that he come down.

“The security member placed his hand on Mr Sundquist’s back to guide him down. Mr Sundquist resisted, and raised his right hand, crutch hanging at his elbow.

“The security member held the flailing crutch and managed to get a firm grip on Mr Sundquist’s right arm and pulled him to safety, while the other security member supported his left forearm.

“The two security staff members promptly returned the crutches to Mr Sundquist once they were on the dance floor, and left him in the company of his friends,” it said, adding that the staff members were always polite to Sundquist.


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