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American Kids Try Exotic Breakfast Meals From Around The World

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Kids can be awfully cruel at times, but you can count on the for brutal honesty.

Cut Video and Kitchen Bowl invited a bunch of American kids to come in and try traditional breakfasts from around the world, to some hilariously adorable results.

South Korean morning staple.

First up, the kids tries the typical morning fare of an average South Korean which consists of a fermented soybean and anchovy broth, an array of pickled veges and kimchi, a fried mackerel and a bowl of steamed rice.

Needless to say, for the most part, the kids aren’t big fans of the dish and one even freaked out by the whole anchovy fishes floating on the soup!

Next, they tried the Brazilian breakfast of cured meats, bread, cheese and pieces of fruit, but what really put them off was the cup of coffee that go along with it! “I think it’s weird that kids drink coffee in Brazil,”observed one critic.

Brazilian breakfast of meats, bread, cheeses,fruits and coffee.

The kids also tried a Finnish staple of bread, slivered onions, smoked salmon and blueberries; a Polish one of sausages, scrambled eggs, potato latkes and tomatoes; Vietnamese rice congee with black,gelatinous century eggs and meat stew– but what really won them over was the chocolate sprinkles called hagelslag on toast breakfast from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands’ hagelslag, or chocolate sprinkles on toast.

“They eat this for breakfast?” asked a girl in disbelief. Another tiny correspondent said, “I don’t think most of my friends would eat this as their mums would say it’s “too unhealthy” for breakfast.”

Overall, the kids seemed to enjoy the food, although some of them had no idea where most of the foods originates are from.-MYNEWSHUB.CC





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