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Algerian Researcher Designs Software To Locate Missing Aircraft

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LONDON – An Algerian researcher based in Britain, Abdou Attou, has put on the market a new software called “SmartTrack” which he has designed to locate in real time missing aircraft, thanks to a technique allowing the continuous picking up of the satellite connectivity of the aircraft.

Attou, who is the founder and chief executive officer of Wisscom Aerospace company, in Oxford, one of the world’s bastions of scientific research, has offered to the aviation industry technology solutions to prevent tragedies similar to those of the AirAsia aircraft which went missing over the Java Sea last month or that of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft which disappeared in March of last year and still has not been found.

Abdou Attou
Abdou Attou

Besides the SmartTrack sofware, the company has also designed the CloudBox, a virtual box which absorbs and instantly transmits via satellite to data centres information on the audio and messaging records from the cockpit and information about the aircraft position, altitude, speed, wind speed and atmospheric pressure.

Speaking to APS in London, Attou, who has held senior positions in world-renowned banking institutions, before shifting to innovation, said these priceless softwares would be undoubtedly useful to air navigation, to strengthen the capabilities of the data analyses via satellite by airlines.

“Spotting with accuracy a plane which crashes at sea has becomes a true source of concern after the missing Air France Flight 447 in 2009. But nothing has been done to address that, despite the huge costs for the purchase of Airbus or Boeing commercial aircraft,” Attou stressed.

He added that the recurrent tragedies had consistently underscored the need for finding new approaches and new echnologies.

The Algerian entrepreneur founded his company in 2013 with engineers and computer scientists to specialize in satellite connectivity software, to find the much needed solutions. – BERNAMA-NNN-APS

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