Air Steward Job No Obstacle To Zarul’s Singing Commitment

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KUALA LUMPUR – His job as an air steward at the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) did not stop Zarul (Umbrella)’s singing career although his popularity has slightly waned due to the emergence of new talents.

Zarul, whose real name is Zairulkefli Husin said it was difficult for radio stations today to air his songs as each station had its target audience and played new songs.

He said for now, only the Suria FM station aired his songs and he realised there was a need to study the local market for songs for the younger generation today in order to gain new fans.

“I have to be relevant in the quality of my voice and style, I am now in the process of making my latest single which is still untitled, now in the pre-production stage,” he said recently.

He was speaking to Bernama after participating in the KL Street Jam performance held at Dataran Medan Pasar here alongside other artistes such as Reena Nicky, Jipie Pesawat and Band.

He added that he hoped the new song would revive his popularity or at least qualify him to vie for the Anugerah Juara Lagu or be listed in the top 10 list of favourite songs.

“I am giving myself five years to achieve my dreams in singing, if I succeed during that time in getting what I want, I will think about whether I want to resign or continue my job as an air steward,” said Zarul, who has been with MAS for 15 years.

On how he juggled his work schedule with his singing career since his job required him to travel the globe yet he had his singing commitments, Zarul said it had all been made easy with the help of his manager.

“I will give my one-month work schedule to my manager so that he can synchronise with my leave days, in one month I get 10 to 14 rest days.

“My manager will look at the programmes which I can attend during the off days, such as meeting the press, attending television programmes or stage performances,” he said.

Admitting that he does not sleep much because of his commitments, Zarul is willing to sacrifice for his singing career as well as his job as an air steward.

Zarul, who is the vocalist for the group Umbrella, was popular in 1994 and has produced two albums – Seribu Rahmat (1994) and Hujan Panas (1997).

He shot to fame with such hit songs as Ramalanku Benar Belaka, Bukalah Hatimu and Cuci Tangan.

His latest single was released last year, titled Satu Rasa, a joint effort with Marsha Milan Londoh. – BERNAMA