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Aidana Baisieva’s Friends Recall Her Beauty & Kindness In Touching Tribute

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KUALA LUMPUR: The ill-fated Eurocopter AS365 N2 Dauphin crash in Semenyih on Saturday which killed the late Rompin member of Parliament Tan Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis and five others has been blanketed in speculation following the presence of a “mystery” passenger known as Aidana Baizieva.

Who is Aidana Baizieva? By Arina Yusof, Mimi Esha, and Indira.

While the authorities scramble to confirm the victim’s identity through DNA tests, several friends of the Kyrgyzstan expatriate have come forward to set the record straight.

While her family and friends grieve and mourn her loss, most of them stare at the screens of their laptops or phones, hurt by the slanderous comments made by some members of the public, accusing her of being a ‘public escort paid by the people’s money”, relating her to the government, among many other hurtful comments to say the least.

Aidana, or as she like to be called, Dana, is my friend. She was also a friend of the deceased guests of the unfortunate event. Anyone who had met her would be fascinated by her beauty, and no the woman in the previous photo released is not her, her beauty was one of which you would not be able to forget but that wasn’t all she was.

She spoke for me when I didn’t know how to say no to men. When my self-esteem wasn’t as high and I didn’t know how to stand up for myself and just stayed quiet, she taught me how to be the strong woman that I am today, so yes, the words you slander her with hurts. Just because a woman who is beautiful becomes one of the victims and doesn’t carry titles gets involved in a high profiled accident, it doesn’t give anyone the right to slander her with comments such as posted.

Dana was the sort of woman, who rarely lets men get close to her. She was a strong, smart, and respectful human being who always fights for her friend’s respect. A lady, who never fail to be a constant source of positivity that she transmits like a ray of sun. Ask any of her friends and they would vouch for this, the times that we go out dancing, movies, or out having dinner and if at any moment any man were to catcall us or even look at us in an inappropriate manner she would stand up for us. So this is why this tribute is written, for all of her friends are standing up for her.


Her birthday last year, she came fashionably late, made an entrance just by how she is naturally, her presence, her gaze, her clothes, she had always been a fashionable woman. The way she value her friends, letting them have the food first regardless she was the guest of honour.

Telling us how beautiful we are and how lucky she is to have us as friends. I had to leave and when I told her, her eyes saddened like a puppy that just got scolded, and she tells me “I don’t know when I get to see you again.” Mimi had the same reaction from Dana when she had to leave a small intimate party Dana was throwing to commemorate her late mother’s birthday. Sometimes, we wish we’d spent an extra half an hour or at least a few hours more for the people we love, you would never know when is the last time you’ll get to see them again, working to pay your bills is important, but you can’t get back the time you wish you spend with the people you love, most people take things for granted until it is lost forever.

Dana’s family is still shocked from the news, this is someone’s daughter who they live for and now their baby is gone, too soon. She has always taken care of herself, she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, always a smile on her face, she took care of her health, barely gets ill. She is a victim in an unfortunate event, with the way that she lived, she would have had a long happy healthy life. Her family and friends asks the public to consider what they comment and post regarding her.

Yes. She is beautiful, but in comparison to how beautiful she is internally, her looks can’t even compare. Rest In Peace Dana, may Allah have mercy on your beautiful soul.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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