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Ahok Sends 30 Jakarta Mosque Caretakers To Mecca

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Many oppose Governor of Jakarta Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama simply because he is a Christian Chinese in a predominantly Muslim-populated country.

Now, the haters ‘gonna hate,hate,hate'< but how would they react if they find out that the governor sent 30 mosque caretakers to Mecca for free to perform the Umrah?

Governor Ahok sent off the 30 chosen mosque caretakers at City Hall today. It would have been difficult financially for the caretakers to personally afford the trip to Saudi Arabia, but Ahok believes they should go because they play an important role in society.

“We’d ideally like this to be an annual program so the mosque caretakers can be the key [in getting people to go to the mosque]. We can get funding from the city budget from the Mental Education and Spiritual Agency. We hope the caretakers can become agents so that people are more interested to go to the mosque,” Ahok said, as quoted by Detik today.

The mosque caretakers are flying to Mecca on Thursday. They admit they are immensely grateful to be given the opportunity.

“Thank you infinitely to Pak Governor, thanks to your kindness, we can go perform the Umrah. We couldn’t have imagined this before, Umrah was nothing but a dream. But now it has come true. We’re very happy and proud,” said Suhiwa, one of the caretakers.

“We pray the governor and all of the Jakarta Provincial Government will succeed in leading the city. We hope Allah can give his blessing to all of Jakarta.”

The 30 chosen mosque caretakers were carefully picked from a number of applicants. To qualify, they had to be over 40 years old, worked at a mosque for at least five years, and they have to be able to read the Quran.MYNEWSHUB

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