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After Years Of Silence, Dynas Mokhtar Confirms Marriage Breakdown

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After years of speculations, actress Dynas Mokhtar finally breaks her silence on her marriage.

The 31-year-old confirmed her divorce to husband, Hafizy Hafiz, was finalized on Feb. 25 at the Syariah High Court,here.

Clearly distraught, Dynas stated that ‘communication breakdown’ caused their marriage to fell apart.

Speaking to Bi-Pop, Dynas revealed: “Our relationship was deteriorated by lack of communication. Compared to the early days of our marriage, as the years went by we found out that it’s hard to open up to each other.”

However, the svelte personality said despite the divorce, their children remains as top priority.

“The only thing we could see eye-to-eye on was our kids. We can’t even converse like we normally did; even the slightest slip of the tongue would erupt a fight.”

On how the end of her marriage affected her, the former Beat TV host admitted she has learnt a valuable lesson.

“Now, after all has been said and done, I came to realize that you have to value what your partner has to say. Don’t put words in his mouth, don’t put his words on deaf ears. The problem we had started puny and insignificant, but blew up out of proportion over time.”

“My mother told me that it was a shame my marriage ended this way. But it was written and I had come to terms with it,” Dynas added.

The couple was married on Mar. 15,2008 and have two children together, Khyra Khalyssa dan Mohamed Haqaish.MYNEWSHUB

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