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Adlin Aman Ramlie Threatens To Sue The Makers Of Saloma Biopic

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Adlin Aman Ramlie has threatened to sue the makers of the controversial biopic Saloma, over allegations of unjust and inaccurate portrayal of A.R. Tompel’s character, played by Azhan Rani.

The Astro First movie, directed by Melissa Saila and starring Nabilla Huda as Saloma and Tony Eusoff as P.Ramlee, was described as ‘malicious’ and ‘image-tarnishing’ by Adlin’s camp. Adlin is the son of the late A.R. Tompel, who married Saloma when she was just 15 years old.

The impact of the screening (particularly Saloma – Part 1 – Mencuri Guruh) where AR Tompel (played by Azhan Rani) is portrayed as an antagonist who was responsible in the suffering of the protagonist, Saloma — had left an indelible impact on Saloma’s family members including her 16 children.

Infringement of rights and authenticity of the life story portrayed by the producer as well as the broadcaster were also evident, Adlin stated.

That the producer did not obtain any permission of sorts from Saloma’s family members to ‘reenact’ Saloma as the main subject in the biopic also struck the wrong chords among her family members, said Adlin in the statement.

As a result, he said, Saloma’s immediate family members are thrusted into the ‘limelight’ and faced with misperceptions by the society.

The telefilm which is divided into two parts – Mencuri Guruh and Padang Kaseh – is exclusively aired on Astro First starting August 28. Adlin Aman Ramlie as the next-of-kin to A.R Tompel,

Saloma’s first husband, criticised the broadcasting of the telefilm and will take legal action to the relevant authorities.

Melissa, when contacted however refused to comment citing that no legal documents were sent to the company (Kus Semangat Actor).

“I’ve heard about the issue but I’m unable to comment as the notice that Adlin sent was addressed to the broadcaster (Astro) and not to me.

It is understood that Adlin, who is represented by legal firm Azam & Co., has sent a notice to Astro to stop airing the biopic.

Adlin and other A.R Tompel’s next-of-kin will host a press conference at Finas on Thursday at 3pm.

A.R Tompel’s other next-of-kin AR Badul, Amran Tompel and his two wives Ruminah Sidek and Zaiton Ismail are expected to attend the press conference.-Astro Awani

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