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Actor Gets fFak For ‘Overboard’ Rape Scene

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A RAPE scene enacted by Amar Baharin for the drama series Akadku Yang Terakhir is drawing a lot of controversy for his “convincing” acting skills, Kosmo! reported.

Ironically, the scene had already been edited out by the production house.

The 31-year-old actor said director Amie Mazia had recorded his rape scene with actress Tizz Zaqyah on her phone and uploaded on her Instagram account to promote the drama. She did not anticipate the reaction as the video clip spread like wildfire and most fans criticised it as overboard, Amar added.

Amar, however, asked fans to have an open mind as it was merely acting.

“I am not affected by this issue because I feel that those who criticise it did not read the novel or watch the drama,” he said.

Amar said although he was heavily criticised, people were talking about the drama and this meant they were interested in it and were more likely to watch it.


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