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Aceh Hit By Flood

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By: Azeman Ariffin

JAKARTA: Several districts in Aceh province have been inundated by floods following two weeks of non-stop rain.

According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management’s website, the affected districts were West Aceh, Southeast Aceh, Southwest Aceh, Aceh Jaya, Pidie, Nagan Raya, and South Aceh.

One hundred and twelve residential areas in West Aceh district have been inundated by flood waters over the past four days.

“Based on the temporary data, a total of 13,553 residents are reportedly affected and the most extensive flooding occurred on Kaway XVI involving 7,211 residents from 21 villages and West Woyla with 3,479 residents from 20 villages being affected,” the website said.

The report also said traffic in some districts became completely cut off when several bridges were badly damaged due to the huge volume of water and strong currents.

Logistical supports had been sent to the affected areas and each local government had set up a joint task force comprising the army, police and volunteer organisations to carry out flood relief operations.


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