Ab Rauf’s Defamation Suit Resolved With Open Apology By Ridwan

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KUALA LUMPUR – The defamation suit filed by UMNO executive secretary Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh against former Masjid Tanah chief registrar of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) has been resolved after the latter made an open apology at the High Court here today.

The suit was over the status and image uploaded by Ridwan on his Facebook which allegedly contained defamatory remarks against Ab Rauf, who is also Masjid Tanah UMNO division leader.

In the consent judgment, which was read before Judicial Commissioner Datin Faizah Jamaludin, Ridwan expressed his utmost regrets over his mistakes for perceiving the pictures that were uploaded in the wrong context.

“To my knowledge the pictures (that were uploaded) were of a resort in Masjid Tanah which belonged to the plaintiff’s (Ab Rauf) family and has been registered under the name of Husin Yusoh, who is the plaintiff’s brother.

“Out of regret, I retract my remarks on my status and the image status and pledge that I shall not publish them in future,” said Ridwan.

Lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun, when reading the statement-in reply on behalf of Ab Rauf, who also attended the proceeding today, said “On the willingness by the defendant (Ridwan) in expressing his utmost regrets for publishing the status and image status, as well as the pledge made, the plaintiff, thereby accept the apology by the defendant”.

Mohd Hafarizam said Ridwan would upload the statement of apology on his Facebook under the name of ‘Wan Motor’ and ‘Ppbm Masjid Tanah’ within the next seven days.
The consent judgment was then recorded by the court.

Ab Rauf had in his personal capacity filed the suit on Jan 5 this year.

In his statement of claim, Rauf alleged that the defamatory words, among others, meant that he was a dishonest person and had abused his position to mislead and win the people’s hearts, especially those residing in Masjid Tanah.

He had sought general and exemplary damages and other relief deemed fit by the court, and an injunction to prevent the defendant or his agents from re-publishing the alleged defamatory words. – BERNAMA