AAIB Officers Still Investigating MH2718 Incident

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SIBU – The incident involving the skidding of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft upon landing at the Sibu Airport last Saturday night is still under investigation.

Transport Ministry’s Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) director Datuk Yahaya Abdul Rahman said two AAIB officers were here to investigate the incident involving flight MH2718 which occurred during a heavy downpour at 10.17pm.

“The investigation is ongoing. I cannot say anything right now until we get the report done,” he said via WhatsApp to Bernama.

The investigation is conducted in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 13.

The officers had arrived from Kuala Lumpur via Bintulu Airport before continuing their journey to Sibu Airport by land yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile operations at Sibu Airport had resumed and running smoothly.

Sibu Airport manager Zainuddin Abu Nasir said there were 44 arrival and departure flights today while six flights were cancelled.

The airport had cancelled the Notice to Pilots (Notam) issued earlier and resumed its operations at midnight today.

A total of 48 scheduled flights at Sibu Airport were cancelled yesterday after the runway was closed to allow works to remove the skidded aircraft to be carried out.

The airport was reopened after it was removed from the runway at 7pm yesterday and placed at the Bay 1 of the terminal building. – BERNAMA