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A Muslim Nation Should Practice Islamic Principles

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IPOH – A Muslim nation is not one formed only by its namesake, but it should also create a ruling system which practices good deeds and prevents wrongdoings, said Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak.

He said that citizens of a Muslim nation should live in peace, harmony and cooperate with each other.

“We should respect one another, be strong and united to protect the soverignty of our land, cherish our nation’s charter or constitution, and uphold the law to ensure justice so that the nation will be endowed with God’s grace for peace and stability, prosperity and well-being,” he said at the Perak-level Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday) celebration here, today.

He said the Islamic state led by Prophet Muhammad prioritised justice because it was the factor that would determine respect and acceptance of the people towards their leaders.

“The justice of Prophet Muhammad was not only for the Muslims, but also for non-Muslims.

“The non-Muslims were also assured of their protection, the freedom to follow their own religions, allowed to practise their own cultures, and also assured their rights to carry out various economic and social development activities,” he said.

Sultan Nazrin said the Constitution of Madinah established that every human being, irrespective of religion or culture was guaranteed basic rights.

He said the drafting of a charter was a start, but what was more important was the willingness to accept the charter once it was enacted.

“The charter which is accepted, should then be effective and fulfill its purpose, should be respected and always relied upon.

“Thus, during the drafting stage of a treaty or policy, it is important to practice inclusiveness, to ensure the participation of various parties, representing various stakeholder, especially when dealing with sensitive issues, controversial issues, and issues that touch on conflicting standpoints,” he said.

Sultan Nazrin said Islam allowed its followers to voice out, to be critical and urged them to have the courage to uphold the truth and be staunch in defending justice.

“Muslims are urged to fulfill their moral responsibilities, by using their intellectual power graced by God, to come up with suggestions and views for the betterment and welfare of the community.

“Islam allows the freedom to voice out, but it should be done so with responsibility,” he said.

He said Islam gave importance to the cultural practice of ‘Shura’ (a form of consultation) in the administrative system to enable views and opinions to be expressed.

Islam also encouraged willingness to listen, and to analyse arguments and difference in viewpoints rationally, to enable a collective decision, he said.

Sultan Nazrin said that Islam also stressed that the government was obliged to rely upon the law, and that leaders did not have any privileges or immunities to be above the law.

“Leaders who appreciated the soul of Islam, will rule based on truth – leaning on the pillar of justice,” he added. – BERNAMA

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