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A Music School Drop-Out, Ayda Jebat Has No Regrets

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Just two years ago, Ayda Jebat decided to put her education hold for a stint in Akademi Fantasia 9 (AF9), but got terminated by the university instead.

Ayda, real name Nur Suhada Jebat, enrolled in the university’s music course and was only two semesters away from getting her scroll when she join the reality show.

However, the 22-year-old said she has no regrets and saw her short spell in the institution as a form of training for her to break into the entertainment industry.

“In fact, most of my peers are still looking for their big break after graduation,” she disclosed to Beautifulnara.


“Though my singing career had to take a back seat, I have no regrets. Plus, I have now found my voice in the industry, as an actress,” she added.

Meanwhile, Ayda has a lot to live up to after the phenomenal success of her portrayal as Armel in TV3’s Rindu Awak 200%.

Admitting that Armel’s positive traits did rub off on her, Ayda said nowadays she has to make sure that her appearance match of the character’s.

“I have to wear slightly ‘roomy’ clothes to please my fans, most of whom are women in their fifties and sixties,” she said with a laugh.MYNEWSHUB

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