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A Maembong Family Reality Show In The Works?

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What do you get if you combine 7 crazy sisters,an adorably grumpy dad and a camera crew? A reality show that will be a sure-fire hit.

First reported by Kosmo!, an undisclosed TV station is rumoured to currently in the talks to make a Keeping Up With The Kardashians-esque reality show based on the lives of the popular Maembong family.

The Maembongs’ shot to fame was contributed largely by their unique family bond. The patriarch, Ismail Embong, who is a prominent artist and art critic, single-handedly raised his seven daughters and three sons after divorcing his much-younger, Scottish wife.


One of his daughters, Emma, is now a successful actress and model in her own right, is predicted to be the main star of the show. Appearance by Emma’s boyfriend, comedian Zizan Razak, will also be not-too shabby for the show’s ratings, if the idea is finally conceived.

The show is set to document the daily activities of the clan–all ten of them– and offers to show a more personal perspective,while aiming to shed a light on what’s it really like to be in the glare of celebrity and how it affects their family dynamics.

We think the show will be a fun watch. With 7 ovaries under one roof, one could expect some hormonal-charged shenanigans by the sisters and maybe could learn to appreciate what their long-suffering dad has to endure! Pure comedy gold, if you ask us.MYNEWSHUB




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