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A Food Odyssey For Malaysia’s Gastranomy Industry

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UALA LUMPUR: Greeted with delicacies, guest and members of the public were feted with almost 100 dishes created for this year’s Taste Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (Taste MIGF).

With its theme “Galactic Chefs: A Food Odyssey”, most of the cuisine were created by 26 of the best restaurants in the country.

MIGF is part of Tourism Malaysia’s ‘Fabulous Food 1Malaysia’ initiative to promote the country’s food capabilities to the world, that started out 15 years ago.

The Taste MIGF, held recently at Berjaya Time Square Hotel, is considered the prelude before the main event commences throughout October. The event placed Malaysia in the gastronomic spotlight.

From a mysterious deep fried burned Chicken, to a never tasted before fish collagen delicacy, Taste MIGF offered guests a chance to sample some of the Halal’s delectable dishes ever created.

Since the first event held back in 2001, the world renowned MIGF has established itself as the pinnacle of gastronomic excellence event in the region.

The festival never failed to excite and surprise both local and international diners who were eagerly looking forward to see what the Festival had in store.

For the full festival month of October, outstanding chefs from the country’s best restaurants will offer diners specially created festival menus available at exclusive festival prices together with a host of generous festival offers.


Executive Chef from the Minori Restaurant based in Kuala Lumpur, Takahiro Ishida who presented his latest creation ‘Collagen Mochi’, a fish collagen delicacy made from a Tilapia fish bone and scales bowled over the guests.

Combining with Soy Powder and Japanese Brown Sugar, the dish with its gelatinous texture melted in the mouth.

He said, with the theme Galactic in this year’s MIGF, which he described as the future of cuisine, made him explore ways to optimise the seldom used ingredients in the culinary event.

“Fish collagen are being used for skin care product and even medical purposes and I believe the future of culinary does not stick to only using the conventional ingredients.

“That is why I brought out this new dish as to give a different perspective in the culinary industry,” he told Bernama.


Meanwhile, chef Ikuo Umeda from the Ltitude Restaurant based in Kuala Lumpur, created a spectacular dish called ‘Kuroi Karaage’, which means ‘Black Fried Chicken’.

Ikuo said the black colour coating of the chicken is actually squid ink that had been deep fried together with the chicken to look similar to a meteorite, in line with this year’s Taste MIGF’s galactic theme.

To enhance the flavor to another level, combining the dish with a special colorful sauce brings out its unique essence when soaked lightly in it.

The three sassy sauces were made using three contrasting ingredients, specially made soya sauce (white), citrus fruit called ‘Yuzu’ (orange) and Japanese radish (pink).

According to Ikuo the brilliantly exclusive idea to create such a mouth-watering dish was inspired from the MIGF theme, which reflected the voyage through outer space.


MIGF founder and organising chairman Datuk Steve Day said the gastronomy industry in Malaysia has transformed beyond recognition from what it was back in 2001 when there were barely a dozen of fine dining restaurants in each states.

“We have a long way to go to be on par with countries like Paris” said Steve but in order to be in an international platform, producing restaurants with Michelin Stars is highly essential.

Thus the perception of food industry should not be associated with dishes sold only at hawker stalls.

“Malaysian cuisine served in a good restaurant is the way forward. A reputation for high end, global cuisine is essential for attracting premium tourists and the MICE business,” he told Bernama.

He added, the gastronomic scene must continue to remain unique, exciting, and relevant to stay ahead of the pack as an increase in food-related events throughout the country would solidify that reputation and encourage growth in the industry and the nation’s economy.



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