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A 15-Minute Lamb Chop Dinner Is Now Possible With Hartinie’s Kitchen!

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Week night meals are a cinch with these easy-to-prepare lamb chops by Hatinie’s Kitchen.

Cooking for two? A romantic dinner perhaps? Consider Hatinie’s Kitchen’s lamb chops—delicate, tender, juicy, and easy. Simply sear the already-marinated pieces of lamb on high heat, let rest a few minutes, and serve.

The lamb chops are surprisingly  such a lovely tender cut of meat, you just don’t have to do much to it. In fact, the only thing you really have to take care with is to not overcook it.

Our team in Mynewshub did a taste-test on the lovely package sent by the wonderful people at Hatinie’s Kitchen, and we all agreed unanimously that the chops exceeded our expectation!

Despite being a frozen product, you can taste the difference in every bite in Hatinie’s Kitchen’s chops. The black pepper marinade gives an appetizing aroma and a certain je nais sais quoi to the dish- an unctuousness that signifies a quality product.

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Though lamb is always best served medium rare, you could always adjust the cooking time according to your preference. Serve with some mashed potatoes (or in our case, home-made potato wedges) and steamed vegetables, and you’ve got yourself an easy, nutritious meal.

The meat derived from Australian grass-fed lambs, which simply means it’s better for you as it has less fat and cholesterol.

Apart from lamb chops, Hatinie’s Kitchen also offers an array of delectable frozen meal selections, from spaghetti bolognese, chicken chops, beef steaks, meatballs. BBQ chicken, to instant mashed potatoes and instant cheese powder. All of their products are 100% certified Halal by Jakim and Bumiputra-made.

Whether you use an outdoor grill, broiler, or stovetop grill pan, it takes only a few minutes to prepare a delicious and healthy meal. Packaged freshly marinated in a flavourful mix of ingredients, you can have dinner on the table in no time. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of a frozen meal from Hatinie’s Kitchen today!








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