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9 Weirdly-Effective Anti-Rape Gadgets Available In The Market

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We are all aware of the popular pepper spray and its temporary effectiveness in warding off sexual predators. But the question lies here: is it enough or adequate to safeguard a woman’s dignity.

Innovative gadgets and products that have surfaced on the Internet show that technology may be the answer in protecting women from rape and unwanted sexual advances from men.

The items are mostly wearable and some can even be part of your everyday outfit.

Here are some things that could be on the market soon, according to Singapore’s My Paper report:

1. Nail polish to detect date-rape drugs


Four students from North Carolina State University have invented a nail polish, dubbed “Undercover Colors”, which purportedly changes shade when exposed to date-rape drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB or Xanax. This will, in theory, prevent potential unwanted sexual encounters.

2. Rape-resistant clothing


AR Wear, which claims to be a new rape-resistant clothing line, promises to keep women safe from sexual predators.

The company uses materials that cannot be easily cut or ripped to make the garments which, it insists, are comfortable. The garments, which include underwear, yoga pants and shorts, can be taken off by opening a “tiny lock” that only the wearer can operate.

3. Anti-pervert hairy stockings


Stockings that give women’s legs a very hairy look sparked a heated discussion on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service, after their first public display. Netizens opined that the stockings will not only prevent attacks from perverts, but also stop handsome guys from approaching a girl. But some felt the stockings would probably cause nausea and physical discomfort.

4. Anti-molestation jackets


Wired with electricity, this anti-molestation jacket will give men who behave inappropriately towards women a nasty jolt. It was created by India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology.

5. Lingerie with electrical device attached


Engineered by three brilliant Indian college girls,this weaponized nightie will shock sexual predators if they try to remove it from its wearer.

6. Female condom with teeth


This looks a bit funny but could potentially break a penis or two. The jagged edges of the RapeX female condom, invented by a South African doctor, who was deeply moved by a rape victim that was so traumatized, she wished she had “teeth down there”.

7. The Guardian Angel necklace/bracelet


Particularly handy when you’re alone or without a company and a shady character comes through your way. This device was designed to look like a piece of jewellery, a woman can make her phone ring or send an SOS message to a friend, just by pressing a button.

8. Blade tampon


Hidden inside this tampon is a sharp blade. Needless to say, the blade will stab the man if he tries to rape a woman.As the saying goes, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, it is indeed better not to touch a woman at all.MYNEWSHUB


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