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9 Ways To Wash Your Face

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Remember the good old days of washing your face with a bar of soap and water? Maybe a washcloth if you were feeling fancy? The sudden influx of cleansers in every conceivable texture, form, and package has made my head spin:Which are the best at removing make-up? Which makes skin dewy? What will dry me out? There’s only one way to know: try them all.

Before you read on,identify what your skin type is and what makes it tick. If you’re already fully understood the needs of your skin,consider this list your ultimate guide to cleansing.


Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk gently removes makeup and grime. It feels like it sounds: a watered-down lotion that’s delicate to the touch (and smell), making it perfect for irritated, dry, or sensitive skin. Not surprisingly, you won’t need moisturizer after rinsing and patting dry.

Cleansing Water

No sink available? No problem! Cleansing water is like a cleanser and toner in one. Soak a cotton pad it the barely scented liquid and wipe your face clean. It’s great for mid-day touch-ups: Dip a Q-tip in the solution to clean up my area before reapplying post-work. It also works as a super gentle make-up remover before or after washing your face if you’re wearing a lot of product.

Cleansing Oil

Shockingly, cleansing oil removes make-up better than anything on this list—the oil penetrates your pores, melting down the dirt and oil and leaving behind a radiant glow without a greasy residue.

Cleansing Balm

Remember back when were little and watching your aunt use Pond’s Cold Cream to “take her face off”? It llooked so luxurious, and the new cleansing balms follow the same principle. Rub it into dry skin to melt away your make-up, and rinse off with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Exfoliating Cleanser

Face scrubs often leave skin feeling soft but it has to be coarse enough to slough the dirt and dead skin cells effectively,too. The best products are a two-in-one. And since microbeads are a no-no, look for natural exfoliants like ground nuts, sugar, coffee, or in this case, bamboo.

Cleansing Gel

Gel for your face? It might sound crazy, but if you love the way the gelatinous texture latches on to the skin, stripping away the day’s dirt and product build-up. However,it is a bit harsh on the eyes so avoid it getting into your peepers or it will sting like crazy.

face-scrub konjac


Foaming Gel

If you can’t let go of the idea of “squeaky clean,” this one’s for you. It felt like it worked the hardest, making it a go-to for extra grimy, sweaty days. (It’s also a must for acne-prone skin.)

Cleansing Wipes

Over the years these disposable, product-infused face cloths have become my late night saviour. Unfortunately the ones that are best at makeup removal leave an oily residue behind, but some will wash your skin almost as well as soap and water. (Remember to toss them in the trash; they cause plumbing problems.)

Konjac Sponge

This sponge utilizes the root of an Asian Konjac tree—a beauty staple in that continent for 1,500 years. So while it may seem unusual here in the U.S., you can trust in its ability to exfoliate skin and remove any grime or impurities. Soak it under warm water, apply your favourite cleanser, and massage into your skin and the magical root will handle the rest. Your face will feel ultra soft and lightly resurfaced. Bonus: unlike electronic devices, this gentle tool can be used daily—even on sensitive skin—without irritation.MYNEWSHUB

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