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8 Clever (And Delicious) Ways To Re-Purpose Ice Cube Trays

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If the only thing you’re using your ice cube trays for is to make regular old ice, then you’re seriously missing out. Just check out all of the awesome ideas for how to use them in new and interesting ways, you’ll never fill these babies up with plain H2O ever again!

1. Flavoured Ice Cubes

Mixing fruit and herbs into ice cubes is a great way to add flavour without the cloying sweetness or truckloads amount of calories. I like to give lemonades an added touch of elegance by filling it with lemon peel and pomegranate seed-studded ice cubes.

2. Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

Try preserving herbs that you won’t be able to use right away in oil—it makes hardy options like rosemary, sage, and oregano less likely to get freezer burn. Just take them out for a quick thaw before you want to cook with them.

3. Coffee Ice Cubes

Never throw away old coffee again…freeze it! Fill the trays with the leftover coffee and freeze them overnight. Add these to cold milk and get ready to be blown away with the finished product. Ais kopi will never be too mainstream.

4. Fruity Summer Striped Ice Cubes

These sweet and delicious fruit cubes with pretty stripes that look way more complicated to make than they actually are. Simply layer coconut milk, juice, and smoothies—then enjoy.

5. Organic Ice Cube Tray Peanut Butter Cups

For these mini treats, you combine organic peanut butter cubes with honey and smooth, melted chocolate goodness.

6. Frozen Yoghurt Cubes

These are exactly what they sound like: fruity yoghurt in an ice cube tray—and they’re the perfect addition to smoothies.

7. Coconut Water Ice Cubes

Throw them in smoothies or sparkling water—or eat a couple on their own as a healthier alternative to a Popsicle.

8. Ice Tray Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Eliminate the mess involved in making chocolate-covered strawberries by melting chocolate chips with butter, oil, or shortening, pouring it into an ice cube tray, and sticking a strawberry inside. So smart!MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID


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