72 Mada Farmers Receive Compansation For Crops Damaged By Flood

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ALOR SETAR – Seventy-two padi farmers under the Muda Agriculture Development Authority (MADA) received compensation totalling RM94,582 for the damage to their crop during the floods in June last year.

MADA chairman Datuk Othman Aziz said some 107.971 hectare of padi crop in Kampung Lemping, Kampung Kubang Pangas and Kampung Keloncor was submerged in water .

He said the villages were located near the Sungai Kedah and Anak Bukit flood mitigation project which was in progress.

“The project is aimed at addressing flood problems in several padi farming areas by diverting excess water in the padi fields to the sea.

“So, I hope efforts can be made to get the project completed as schedule,” he told reporters after the MADA “Moreh” with the media programme here last night.

Othman said compensation was given to the affected farmers as part of efforts by MADA to reduce their burden in having to replant their crop.

Earlier, Othman presented “duit raya” to orphans and Aidilfitri contributions to MADA staff.