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7 Ways To Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

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Admit it– on lazy weekends you’re usually flat on your butt in front of the TV and watch re-runs of Masterchef US. So why not make use of your spare time by cchanging the gear of your beauty game? Here’s seven things you could do, and de-stress along the way!

1. Clean Your Hairbrush

Dirty hairbrush = dirty hair. Hopefully you are cleaning your brush more than once a year, but if you can’t think when you did it last it’s time to give all your hair brushes and combs a thorough clean. Dirt, skin, oil and hair products can build up in your brush over time and brushing your hair with a dirty brush can affect the quality of your hair. Sterilising them every couple of weeks is quick to do and will keep the nasties at bay.

To clean, remove hair from your brushes and comb. If your brush has a brush pad, use a toothbrush or cleaning brush to clean the hairbrush, don’t submerge this type of brush in water. For all other brushes, fill up the sink with hot water and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Soak the brushes for a couple of hours, then rinse.

2. Toss Old Make-Up

I know it’s not easy tossing half-used make-up, but it’s important for your health. Mascara should be binned after three months because it can harbor some nasty bacteria which can cause an even nastier eye infection. For a general rule of thumb powders last two years, creamy shadows last 12-18 months, oil-free and liquid foundations last 12 months. Lipsticks, gloss and liners last about 18 months. Pencils two years [if you sharpen them regularly], but gel eyeliners only last months. You know when it’s time to ditch the nail polish when it starts to separate.

3. Clean Make-Up Brushes

Dirty make-up brushes can clog your pores causing unwelcome breakouts. Brush cleaning spritzers are available for regular use or you can just wash them with a baby shampoo.

4. Apply Hair Treatment

A hair mask is great for getting your hair silky, soft and shiny. Nth Degree Ultra-Smooth Argan Oil and Keratin Mask helps to deeply condition damaged hair. Apply the mask with a wide tooth comb, concentrating on the ends, about 30 minutes before you jump in the shower. Wash and condition your hair as usual.

Cleaning-Makeup-Brushes-2 makeup

5. Use Face Mask

The best way to give your face a deep clean is with a face mask. Choose your product based on your own needs whether its hydration, to even out pigmentation or clear up a breakout.

6. Exfoliate From Top To Toe

Slough those dead skin cells away with a body scrub or exfoliator to leave smooth, radiant skin. Apply your scrub to damp skin and massage in a circular motion over the body. Rinse well and follow with a moisturiser.

7. Give Yourself A Manicure
The finishing touch on your beauty overhaul is clean, well manicured nails. For a quick DIY manicure, file dry nails in a shape that mirrors your cuticles. Apply a hand cream and soak your nails in a bowl of warm water. Once softened, push back your cuticles, dry then apply your nail colour of choice.MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID



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