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7 Ways To Slash Time On Your Daily Beauty Routine

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Let’s face it: We love to hit the snooze button, even if it means cutting into the time we’ve set aside for hair and makeup. But do you really need a whole hour to feel fresh-faced and fabulous throughout the day? Nope. We asked beauty pros to share their best-kept secrets for streamlining your morning routine.

1. Skip The Shower

Hair washing, drying, and styling are the biggest time-wasting culprits. Even if you wake up with a little grease, you can fix it easily by applying some mousse to your scalp. Most brands contain alcohol, which is drying and helps eat up that excess oil, allowing you to go an extra day without washing. If mousse isn’t your thing, use dry shampoo—just be sure to apply properly so you’re not left with white streaks from the powder. Hold the bottle about 10 inches away from your roots, lifting your hair into sections. Spray lightly, and rub in the areas with your fingertips to work in any excess product into your strands. Then brush it out.

2. Stash Your Makeup In One Place

If your bathroom’s medicine cabinet is where you keep your foundation, concealer, and bronzer—but your eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascaras are stashed away in your dresser drawer, it’s going to take time to set up in both spots. Get a container that holds all your get-ready products—from skin care to hair-care—so that after shower, you just need to pull out the bin and everything’s in the order of how you use them. No searching, no thinking—it’s easy and saves time.

3. Prep Your Skin The Night Before

If you wash your face at bedtime—which you should to remove makeup, exfoliate, unclog pores, and minimize oxidative damage due to grime and environmental toxins—you shouldn’t need much more than water or a gentle cleanser in the morning.

4. Style Your Hair While You Sleep

There’s a lot you can do at night to guarantee a good hair day the next morning. If you’re looking for volume, a braid is a great option. Once you wake up, put a curling iron to your hair to fix up the front pieces only and then finish with a smoothing serum or oil. Want large waves? Sleep with your hair in a high bun. In the morning, it’ll be smooth with big curls at the ends.

5. Use Products That Multitask

Some products can be used in a whole bunch of ways to save you time, space, and (bonus!) money. You can use the same matte eye shadow color to fill in your brows: as an eyeliner with an angled brush and as an eye shadow with a soft blending brush. Another great multi-use product is lip colour, which easily doubles as a cheek colour and gives a nice creamy and healthy glow to the skin as well. Apply by tapping with your ring finger and blending it in by using a clean middle finger until there are no visible edges.

6. Opt For BB Cream Or Tinted Moisturizer

It’s a multi-use product, so it’s really all you need for face makeup if you’re in a rush. Not only does it even out your skin tone and act like a foundation, but it also moisturizes and primes your face for the rest of your makeup.

7. Prep Lips At The Commuter

Applying at home is only going to cut into your time, and you’ll most likely need to reapply once you reach your destination anyway. Instead, prep your lips with a good moisturizer—so that when you’re ready to put that colour on, your lips are plump and soft.



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