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7 Useful Hacks To Channel Yor Inner Coffee Aficionado

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With so many coffee types to choose from, it’s impossible to get addicted to just one. Not only coffee gives us the much-needed energy boost in the morning, it tastes great and is a perfect way to relax and enjoy something hot or cold.

But what to do when you don’t always have the nearest Starbucks to grab your daily fix? And if you go DIY, what to do with all the leftover coffee grounds? Read on to learn more:

Freeze Coffee Ice Cubes
Many a cup of coffee is ruined by pouring hot or warm coffee over ice cubes to try to make iced coffee. All that you get is watered down, weak warm coffee with melted ice cubes. Instead, pour leftover or cooled down coffee into ice cubes trays, let them sit in the freezer overnight, and use them keep your iced coffee cold for days afterwards. You could also add the cubes to a cup and pour in milk for an iced latte in minutes.

Fake a Latte
Speaking of lattes, those of us without a fancy coffee machine may think we have to stop at a coffee shop for the latte we crave. Not so! Put milk in a jar or glass container with lid, shake it for thirty seconds. Then remove the lid, and pop the milk in the microwave for another thirty seconds. Fill your mug three quarters full with coffee, add some of the warm milk, then use a spoon to scoop the foam onto the top of the cup. Think of the money you could save by making the latte at home!

Swap out for Seasonal Creamer
Another way to save money on your morning coffee routine is to browse the creamer section of the grocery store. Popular flavours like mochaccino and French vanilla have been turned into creamers. Dunkin Donuts recently released their creamer in grocery stores and Starbucks has a flavored iced coffee line as well. Bringing the flavours into your home for your morning cup of coffee will save money and time when you need a change to your coffee routine.

Compost your Grounds
Let your coffee keep working for you long after your last sip by saving the grounds for your compost pile. If you are an uber java connoisseur, just be careful not to let the grounds make up more than 1/4 of your compost pile.

Use Leftover Coffee in Baking
If you’ve made enough coffee ice cubes and want other ideas for the coffee left in the pot or press, try saving it in an airtight container in the fridge until you make your next batch of cookies or brownies. Here is a recipe for coffee brownies, or you could try replacing the water in your favourite recipe with coffee.

Save Bitter Coffee
Sometimes the pot of coffee at work is weak, other times it is bitter. You never know what you are going to get when a different person makes it every day. So if you’ve got a pot of coffee that is unreasonably bitter, add a pinch of salt (not sugar) to counteract the tartness. That salt will react with your taste buds to take away the bitterness, and you can go on drinking like you normally would.

Add Flavour to the Beans – Not the Cup
Say you want a more subtle taste than that of flavored creamers and syrups. You can add bits of cinnamon, orange peel, chocolate or other flavorings to your grinder with your coffee beans. Then grind away and you’ll get a nicely flavoured coffee without needing flavoured syrups and creams.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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