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7 Strange-But-Real Ice-Cream Flavours To Try

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Chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream… you won’t go wrong with these crowd favourites. But who wants to be just like the rest? Stood out from the crowd and challenge your palate with something a little more adventurous. At least ask for a taste-tester spoonful of squid ink or mushroom ice cream. You can always retreat and order a few scoops of something more familiar.

Here are our favourite fun and crazy boundary-pushing flavours from around the world to whet your appetite.

1. Kimchi and rice

Rice in a bowl on a white background

With the growing familiarity on traditional Far East flavours in our local palates, why not try a kimchi and rice ice confection? A shop in Portland,Oregon called Koi Fusion supplies the kimchi for a jasmine rice ice cream studded with chunks of Woodblock Chocolate-covered kimchi and swirls of kimchi caramel. Sounds delish!

2. Foie gras

Owen & Engine, Chicago’s favourite neighbourhood gastropub, puts a fun twist on the classic Italian affogato with their “a-foie-gato,” featuring smoky, savoury foie gras ice cream swimming in a pool of chocolate sauce and punctuated with tart dried cherries, crunchy biscotti, and the requisite shot of espresso on the side.

3. Lobster

Handfuls of fresh, buttered lobster meat are folded into a butter-flavored ice cream base at Ben & Bill’s in Bar Harbor, Maine. It has been serving this novelty since 1988, handing out the savoury samples to skeptical tourists seeking a more adventurous dessert alternative to lobster rolls.

4. Garlic

Gilroy, California, is the self-proclaimed garlic capital of the world, and at its annual garlic festival, minicones of garlic ice cream are handed out gratis, with raw bits of diced garlic in each bite.

5. The Velvet Elvis

Elvis’s favorite sandwich toppings of peanut butter, bananas, and bacon get swirled into ice cream for the Velvet Elvis at Arrabelle in Vail, Colorado. Fresh bananas and housemade candied bacon add alternating soft and crunchy textures to this excessive homage to the King.

6. Raw Horse Flesh


There are two dozen attractions within Tokyo’s indoor amusement park, Namja Town, but it would be easy to spend all of your time there pondering the many out-there flavours at Ice Cream City, where Raw Horse Flesh, Cow Tongue, Salt, Yakisoba, Octopus, and Squid are among the flavours waiting to tickle (or strangle) your taste buds.

7. Eskimo Ice Cream


If you happen to find yourself in an ice cream shop in Juneau, remember this: Eskimo ice cream—also known as Akutag—is not the same thing as an Eskimo Pie, that chocolate covered ice cream bar you’ll find in just about any grocery store. Though the statewide delicacy has usually got enough fresh berries mixed in to satisfy one’s sweet tooth, its base is actually animal fat (reindeer, caribou, possibly even whale).-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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