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7 Important Tips To Wear Bright Eyeshadow

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Bright eyeshadow is not for the faint of heart, but it is for those who want to step out of their comfort zone to discover on of our favourite spring beauty trends.

In an effort to help women everywhere finally open the bright eye shadow palettes in their makeup bags or be brave enough to try new ones, we’ve put together a guide of 10 tips and tricks for how to wear bright eye shadow at home.


1. Blend: If you simply apply a bright eye shadow to your lid, there’s a tendency to look like a child has done your makeup. By blending the colour to give it a more natural, subtle look, your eyes will look like they were done on purpose.

2. No matchy-matchy: Don’t coordinate too much with your outfit. The idea behind colourful eye makeup doesn’t necessarily need to be to match your shirt. If you’re wearing a turquoise shirt and you wear turquoise eyeshadow, you’ll appear too matchy-matchy. Instead, go for a colour that compliments your outfit’s colour scheme.

3. Place colour strategically. By applying coloured shadow across your entire lid from brow to lash line, it looks like there was very little skill involved. Do a smokey eye style with bright shadows instead, or create a dimensional shadow in your crease with a colour.

4. Time management: During the day, bright eye shadow should be subtle, but at night your eyes can be completely fun. Layer the shadow to make it darker while going out at night, and keep things on the lighter side during the daylight.

5. Switch it up: Use shadow as eyeliner. Whether it comes in a palette with a sponge or you’re using a crayon style eye shadow, using brightly coloured shadow as an eyeliner turns up the volume on your look without stealing too much attention.

6. Blank canvas: Use a concealer base. By priming your eye with a concealer, the colour of the shadow will really pop against a solid, matte backdrop.

7. One focus: Play down the rest of your look. Going for bold shadow means your lips, cheeks and even hair should take a backseat in the beauty department. Keep the rest of your look neutral when opting for bright eye colours.MYNEWSHUB











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