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7 Fuel-Saving Tips That Will Stretch Your Ringgit

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When you’re planning a road trip, you plan out the landmarks that you’d like to visit, the food that you have to eat and the route to get there.

Wouldn’t it be great though to make your petrol last for as much as it’s worth during your journey without breaking the bank? Here are some tips on how to optimise fuel efficiency for your road trip.

1. Make sure that your tyre pressure is not low

Lower tyre pressures will result in more petrol consumption when you’re on the road. When your tyre pressure is low, this increases its rolling resistance, thus more fuel is needed to overcome that resistance. Not only that low tyre pressure can also be dangerous. The tyres can wear out prematurely and has a chance of overheating and then blow out.

2. Get rid of all the extra weight

Many of us are guilty of storing random stuff in our car boot. But did you know that when put together, the added weight of those random items is contributing to your fuel consumption? It’s common sense, the heavier the burden your car is carrying, the more petrol consumed. Do some spring-cleaning and get rid of the things you don’t need before you leave on your road trip.

3. Don’t speed

Speeding does actually use up more petrol versus when you drive at a constant rate. Weaving in and out of traffic is not only dangerous for you, your passengers and your fellow drivers, but it does take quite a bit out of your brakes and petrol as well. When you speed on a road trip, you may miss out on a scenic drive while endangering the lives of those around you.

4. Plan out your journey as best as possible

Try to plan out your journey, as this will help you avoid taking sudden detours or a different route. Getting lost or backtracking means you not only miss out on that scenic drive but your drive is now longer, and that also means more petrol consumed.

5. Reduce drag

Driving along the highway with your window down may sound cool and carefree, but with the Malaysian weather and the dust along the highway, it’s probably a better idea to keep those windows wound up. An open window also increases air resistance thus requiring your car to use more petrol.

6. Turn off your engine

Some newer cars have the option to turn off their engines in jams. Keeping your foot on the brake does contribute to fuel consumption, so if you expect to be stuck in a traffic jam for a long, long time, and if your car has the option to safely shut off its engine mid-traffic, do consider this option.

7. Clean your fuel injector

A dirty or clogged fuel system deters fuel from flowing smoothly – this will give rise to problems and will also increase the fuel consumption. Clean your fuel injector before your trip and also make sure to use clean fuel as that reduces this problem.


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