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7 Benefits of Airplane Travel You Won’t Find In Another Transportation Mode

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Nowadays, the airplane is no more exclusive. This transportation mode has become more popular with the more people choose the plane, not only for business but also for leisure travel.

The users of this mass transportation no longer restricted for high-class society. The rise of low-cost carrier airlines summonses all classes of people to use the airplane as one of their main transportation modes. It is even more, risen with the trending discount and promo applied for the flight tickets.

It’s no longer secret to say that people today prefer the airlines for the trip, especially for the long haul. At least there are 7 main benefits provided by the airlines that can’t be afforded by the others.

Time efficiency
It’s obvious that airplane is the fastest long distance public transportation in the world. It only takes a few hours above the sky to across the continents, while it will need at least a few days journey if you travel the same distance by land or sea transportations.

This benefit makes us having more time available for enjoying the traveling than wasting it on the way to reach the destination. It means more times to discover more places in one trip!

Cost saving
Maybe you wonder how can it’s said the cost of the flight tickets is way much cheaper than the sea or land transportations while it obviously mentions the opposite.

At the first glance, we can say it’s true that the airfare is more expensive. But, the more we do the calculation, the more we realize the truth that the airfare is more cost saving according to its time efficiently (specifically for long distance trip)

Travelling by airplane brings you only have to pay the price one at the time in the first place. You pay the flight tickets and the rest is to enjoy the flight. On the other hand, if you take the sea or land transportation, you will have to spend the other expenses during the way. For instance, you pay a few hundreds IDR for the bus ticket from Bali to Jakarta. The journey to reach Jakarta takes at least 2 days and 1 night by bus, where you still have to cross the sea with the ferryboat. It takes 2-4 visits in the rest area where you will spend more money to eat and shop. You have to go through the rough and long journey before arrived in Jakarta. Do your own calculation about this and find out that the benefit of this point is definitely true.

Energy saving
Travel by airplane brings you only have to sit in comfortable aircraft for a few hours while waiting the arrival time. You don’t need to switch from one plane to another and move your baggage for the couple times (even when you need to take transit flights). While you travel by bus or car, you need to hop in and hop out couple times to take a rest, have a meal, take a shower, filling the gas, etc. Such a wasting energy!

Higher security
There’s a lot of researches find out that the airplane is the safest transportation ever. The safety rank of the accident risk in 2014 is less than 1%, while it’s showed 4% higher in car or motorbike.

Higher security also set by the treatment of security checking procedure that required at least a couple time before you step inside the aircraft. The airlines also provided travel insurance for each passenger. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to get theft inside the aircraft, right? Imagine how many thieves are there during one trip inside the bus or train

Top class convenience
The passenger seats on the airlines are well designed to put the convenience to the top. The seat is tender with extra legroom. The flight is nonsmoking and fully air-conditioned to ensure the freshness. There is the cabin crew who pleased to assist your needs, serving you the food, and helping you in any circumstances. The convenience can be felt more than perfect if you take the first or business class flight.

In flight entertainment
Traveling in an airplane is full of joy. Full-service airlines provide in-flight entertainment on each passenger’s seat. It means your flight is accompanied by brand new box office movies and top TV shows, most popular songs, and the great selection of games.

More fun waiting time
While waiting your flight time, you have plenty selections to enjoy at the airport. You can dine at the restaurants, enjoying the reflexology massage or spa, hunting the books in the bookstore, and shopping inside the available merchants. More fun waiting time also served inside the lounge where they provide free flow snacks and drinks, great books and magazine, delicious food, also a cozy relaxing area inside the fancy lounge.

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