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7 Beauty Fads We’re Glad Are Over For Good

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.There are some classic beauty looks that will always stand the test of time. On the other hand, some beauty trends are so overdone that we’re happy to see the end of them! So what’s out? Here’s a rundown of the trends you need to ditch ASAP.

1. Hair Extensions


Hair extensions were the cheat’s way to instant va-va-voom length hair. However the maintenance, upkeep and expense has seen many women ditching extensions in favour of natural, shorter locks. Plus with the celeb-set embracing shorter styles like long bobs and pixie cuts there’s never been a better time to remove the extensions.

2. Spider lashes


The ‘Kardashian Kult’ has created a surge in thick and spidery looking lashes. While a little lash enhancement can be dreamy, these aggressive lashes look like they belong on the dangerous species list. Nix them in favour of a softer doe-eyed full lash.

3. Side-Shaved Hairstyle


Step away from the clippers! In recent times it’s been super trendy for pretty young things to shave off the side of their gorgeous locks. Now that a generation of women are dealing with the not-so-pretty prospect of growing their hair back we are calling it: this look is done.

4. Stiletto Nails


Fans of these super-long and pointy talons included Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Not only were they completely impractical and downright scary, but they could harbour some nasty bacteria. If you wore contact lenses (or did anything for yourself) this was definitely a fad to avoid.

5. -Thin Brows

brow 1

If overzealous tweezing in the ’90s left you with barely-there brows or a permanent “surprised” look, seek help from a brow professional, who can advise on reshaping and brow tattooing options. Those with naturally sparse arches can create a more defined shape with a brow pencil or gel.

6. Vajazzling

Sequins and body parts shouldn’t mix. The “art” of vajazzling – the decorating of the pubic area with materials ranging from glitter to gemstones – can cause a nasty infection if the area isn’t cleaned properly and genital injuries increased during the craze’s peak at the start of this decade.

7. Fairy Floss Lipstick

You can thank the Nicki Minaj’s of this world for the rise in lacquered frosty pink lips. While the colour trend seems sweet, the reality is this bubble-gum look just doesn’t look great on many skin tones. Wipe it off and replace with a gentler pink hue.MYNEWSHUB

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