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6 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions That Are So Easy To Keep

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A new year demands a major beauty revamp. Take inspiration from recent red carpet arrivals and designer runway shows, and adapt the hottest trends to your own regime, for the essential 2015 beauty makeover.

1. Red Earth


With Pantone announcing Marsala as the colour of 2015, expect to see plenty of pots and palettes in delicious shades of earthy brown like ochre, chocolate, taupe and tan. For those with blue and green eyes, you are in luck! Shades of brown are ideal for accentuating your eye colour. Try a smudgy, morning-after eye, applying shadow on the top eyelid and beneath the lower lash line. Finish with black eye liner applied in the inner eye, and lashings of inky black mascara for extra oomph and dazzling eye colour.

2. No Make-Up Make-Up


For Spring 2015, designers like Marc Jacobs made a strong play for bare, natural beauty. But make no mistake; the no makeup trend is not as low-maintenance as it appears. Think an even, glowing complexion, subtle contouring, glossy neutral lips, exquisitely shaped brows and a strong lash line. Apply with a light hand and go for glow.

3. Highbrow


Well-hedged brows are still strong next year. Not thick, unruly ones, but beautifully tamed arches that add framework to the face. Be inspired by Brooke Shields iconic ’80s eyebrows, brushing them straight up then quietly smoothing them over. For those with a history of over-plucking, take a trip to your local beauty counter and take a lesson in expert eyebrow penciling. Big brows are simply more beautiful.

4. Lashings of lashes

eye with a long curl false eyelashes

The new year runways saw designers from Prada to Gucci, pedaling Twiggy-inspired eyelashes and thick, rock star spikes. Take it back a notch, and instead whip your lashes into thick, inky edgings that will take 10 years off your face, whiten and brighten your eyes and give you an effortless beauty update.

5. Eye swoop


Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and give your eyes the flick. Ditch the pencil eyeliner for an inky eye sharpie, and draw your line as close to your lash line as possible. For best results, ensure your complexion is polished and bare, cheekbones defined and add a pale lip to complement your strong graphic eye.

6. Power ponytail


Think Ariana Grande, and you’re almost there. The second best option for a bad hair day after a hat, the power ponytail not only makes unclean hair chic again, but also lends a sleek and stylish beauty edge. Ensure your makeup is top notch and up-to-speed though; slicked back hair draws extra attention to the face.-Glamour/MYNEWSHUB




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