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6 Colours Of Concealers And Their Functions

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It seems as if whenever we scroll through our Instagram feeds, we spot videos of makeup artists dabbing their face with orange, green, and purple creams. Despite their initially clown-like appearance, they each look completely flawless once they’ve buffed and blended. They owe their perfect complexions to colour correcting.

Though color correcting may be one of the hottest makeup trends right now, we’ll be the first to admit that figuring out what shade goes where can be downright confusing. You see, traditional concealers are made to brighten the skin, while colour correctors camouflage discoloration. Instead of just covering blemishes and dark spots, you use . . . well, green or orange!



The colour: Yellow

The problem: Subtle redness from blemishes or around the nose

Most effective on: Fair to tan complexions

How it works: Yellow is considered the most popular corrector thanks to its versatility. Though it is known for its red-blurring powers, this hero shade could also be a viable option for fair tones in certain cases. For light skin where dark spots can appear almost purple, use yellow corrector to even out skin tone.



The colour: Green

The problem: Redness from acne, irritation, or rosacea

Most effective on: Fair to medium complexions with red undertones

How it works: You’ll want a product that is sheer and not too opaque so it neutralizes in a subtle way. This lightweight, pearlescent formula is extremely versatile — you can spot treat or cover a wider area that is prone to redness with a smooth finish.



The colour: Orange/Red

The problem: Extreme dark circles

Most effective on: Tan to deep complexions with blue undertones

How it works: This formula was inspired by the popular vlogger technique of concealing under-eye circles with red lipstick. Just a dab of the rich orange-red cream will cancel out deep blue and purple shadows.



The colour: Pink

The problem: Sallow and dull skin that looks fatigued

Most effective on: Fair to medium complexions

How it works: A pink corrector is ideal for light skin that has a yellow cast to it. During the Winter months, we turn to this formula. The tinted microalgae in this radiant liquid instantly perks up skin.



The colour: Purple

The problem: Sallow and dull skin that looks fatigued

Most effective on: Light to tan complexions

How it works: In essence, a purple corrector serves the same purpose as a pink one — it just caters to a different range of skin tones. This purple cream is heavy duty, meaning it will come in handy in areas that could use a boost in the brightening department. Try it on the T-zone and forehead.



The colour: Peach

The problem: Blue or gray under-eye circles

Most effective on: Fair to tan complexions

How it works: Spot treating dark circles is an art! To master it, apply one dot to the inner corner of the under eye (or wherever the dark circle is the most noticeable) and blend toward the temple. Next, brighten with a yellow-tone concealer that is two shades lighter than your own skin tone. The extra steps go a long way — after trying this method, we looked like we had the best beauty sleep ever.


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