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Juanda: New Politics Not Necessarily Led By The Young

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KUCHING – “New politics need not necessarily be led by the young…trust and responsible is more important,” said Jemoreng state assemblyman Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya.

He said the explosion of information technology at present has brought about transformation in the global political landscape. Yet despite being mastered by the young people, it did not mean they could continue to lead the political agenda without the guidance of the more experienced older leaders.

“What is more important is the accountability among those who are entrusted to be leaders or elected representatives because the age issue is actually not an issue,” he told Bernama when met at his residence here recently.

Juanda said, at aged 45 years, he does not consider himself in the “young generation” category but is at an age group that could become the best bridge to build interaction between the old leaders and new ones.

He was also of the view that an aggressive nature could not be related to age and ironically there were elected representatives from the young ranks without any activities, did not update their Facebook account and seldom went down to the ground or “missing in action” after winning the state election.

“However the question of age is something relative, it is very subjective.We cannot deny there are some leaders who are already old but have a superb spirit like the young. For example our Chief Minister (Tan Sri Adenan Satem), he has a great spirit, he is very innovative when looking at an issue, perhaps because of his vast experience in politics.

“We, the new faces (elected representatives) sometimes are scared to see him bravely bringing up issues, sometimes against the odds. Normally politicians try to avoid criticising each other. But Tok Nan (Adenan) is brave, he understands the aspirations of the young, wants change, more forthright, he wants to see results and is not long winded,” he said.

The former Perlis Mufti, who has been the elected represented in Sarawak’s interior since five months ago, is seen as very active and aggressively voiced his constituents’ aspirations and needs through whatever channels, such as Facebook, going down to the ground or attending ceramah that are normally religious talks.

Needless his action in highlighting the matter pertaining to the RM300 million bridge for Igan residents about 450 km from here recently has raised several follow up issues.

“There are some elected representatives who questioned why my constituents are impatient while their electorate had been waiting longer for development projects to be delivered, but they remain patient.

“…That is their right, I want to tell that the people in my constituency cannot wait any longer, as the elected representative, I’m also not patient. Because every week I see for myself, waiting for hours for the ferry to cross the other bank…without the bridge, development will be at a standstill,” he said.

Juanda said during his six-year working experience in the peninsula, he had seen how hardworking the people over there were besides being very transparent and forthright – traits that should be brought to Sarawak.

“Those who are direct do not mean they are quarrelsome, they are straight forward to find ideas to give the best service to the people. Certainly if we work hard, we get more positive results,” he said.

Asked on his views on pertinent issues that are relevant in Sarawak, Juanda pointed to development issues related to education and basic amenities.

He said the issue of education also included school infrastruture, equipment, skills training and teachers sent to Sarawak, who should be of good quality and experienced.

“So far the Barisan Nasional (BN) wins in Sarawak, maybe the young people like BN, to me this very subjective, exposure to information technology means we cannot hide behind a symbol. The people want to see their candidate and his physique because we must remember the new political changes occur world,” he added. – BERNAMA


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