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5 Wardrobe Hacks For All You Carrie Bradshaw Wannabes

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Dreaming of a walk-in wardrobe to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s but don’t have the space or budget? These five tips will provide a guide on spring-cleaning your closet that will maximize storage space and de-clutter at the same time:


1. Be creative

Look at spaces that you would normally ignore – under the bed, underneath long dress spaces in the wardrobe, or on top of cupboards. Look above and below and ensure you’re maximizing all the available space.

Or you could just buy the cheap boxes easily obtainable at crafts stores and utilize them as clothing storage.

2. Hang it up

Adding hooks to the inside of your cupboard doors for accessories such as scarves, belts or jewellery is a clever storage trick. Line the back of the door with felt to reduce noise.

3. Think about lighting

Adding lights to the inside of your closet not only makes your clothes look great but helps you see what’s in there, stopping you from forgetting items bought seasons past.

Lighting also keeps the pesky cockroaches away, which is always a bonus point!

4. Be ruthless

Clean your unwanted items at the end of each season. Who wears clear jelly flats these days? Or that Farmer Joe-worthy overalls? The ’90s is over and you should move on,too. If you didn’t wear an item that season, it’s time to reassess; donate, sell or store.

5. Colour code

While it may seem a little OCD to coordinate your clothes according to its hue, but at the end of the day your wardrobe would look so eye-catching you probably don’t ever want to step out of it. Categorizing your items by colour can make your current clothing more visually enticing, and as a bonus help stop the urge to shop.MYNEWSHUB/Text: Sara Khalid


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