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5 Unexpected Beauty Products You Could Buy At Your Local Pharmacy

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You’ve sauntered through enough pharmacies in your life to become familiar, perhaps even bored, with what they have to offer. But what if we told you there is a plethora of unassuming drugstore products with purposes beyond their apparent function?

Here, we’re giving you the DL on inexpensive drugstore products that can be used in ways you may not have thought to do before:


It’s not the prettiest product on the shelf, but Vaseline is a household staple for good reason. You’ve probably used it to soften your lips, heal cracked skin, or soothe a rash. There’s another usage it has, though, which could potentially save you lots of money down the road; it can be used as a perfume maximizer.

Apply a small amount of Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, to your pulse points and neck, and then spritz your choice perfume on top. The scent will last much longer, which means fewer spritzes throughout the day and a longer lifespan for your bottle.

Vitamin C Powder 


You’ve likely run into serums, creams, moisturizers, and cleansers boasting the beautifying powers of vitamin C. And you’re probably acquainted with their price tags, too, which lean toward the splurge side. This is because vitamin C is a volatile ingredient, meaning it goes bad quickly, and researchers spend a lot of time and energy concocting products that’ll have a longer shelf life.

Extra research and better-working ingredients often result in more expensive price points. Take the middleman out by making your own serum, which requires obtaining a vitamin C powder (L-ascorbic acid). Mix it with distilled water to create a toner, or add glycerin to both water and powder to DIY a serum.

Baby Oil


Speaking of oils, let’s discuss baby oil, which consists of two ingredients: mineral oil and fragrance. Mineral oil is actually one of the least comedogenic oils out there, meaning it is not likely to cause you to break out compared to other types, including olive oil and coconut oil.

That, paired with its inexpensive price tag and overall gentleness, makes it a popular choice for the oil cleansing method (OCM). Another usage for baby oil is a cleanser for your makeup brushes. Dab a little in the palm of your hand, massage the brush into the oil, and then rinse.

Blister Bandages


Is cystic acne driving you mad? Reach for a hydrocolloid dressing, or a blister bandage. These actively draw out fluid, which can blast a major blemish overnight or even in as little as a few hours. Beauty blogs and forums recommend sanitizing with alcohol and carefully lancing the blemish to draw out even more fluid, but if your zit has already come to a head and is leaking, all you have to do is place a bandage on top and wait.

Fun fact: high-end brands have realized the magnificent powers of hydrocolloid bandages and have started making their own.

Baby Powder


We’ve got baby oil on the list, so why not a little baby powder? Like baby oil, this drugstore find has multiple uses. Try it as a dry shampoo (make sure to brush it out), or sprinkle some in shoes to nix foul odours. Applied to the skin, it can help soften and soothe, so try it post-shave or post-shower. Another name baby powder goes by is talcum powder.




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