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5 Tricks On Using A Lip Liner Pencil

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Celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan for the lip pencil basics. She knows the power of a good lip—she’s responsible for Lucy Hale’s many colourful pouts—so listen up.

1. Prep your lips. “As with any lipstick, you should make sure your lips are properly prepped,” says Deenihan. She recommends using Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($23) to remove any dry skin that would prevent an even application. “With matte lip crayons you can especially see chapped lips, and it’s best to avoid that flakey look.”

2. Use a liner. It might seem a little bit old school, but lip liner is great for defining your lip shape. Deenihan says by outlining your lips you create a guide, making it easier to apply your lip crayon. “If you’re using a lip crayon that is any texture other than matte, the lip liner will help the product stay on your lips and avoid any lipstick bleeding,” she says.

3. Don’t be afraid to layer. “Layering lip pencils with other lipsticks is totally doable and encouraged,” says Deenihan. “Play with textures and colors until you are happy with your creation. One of her favorite combinations? NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Belle du Jour ($25) mixed with Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Number 6 ($30).

4. Go for matte. If you’re looking for something long-lasting, Deenihan recommends a matte formula. They don’t move around as much as a glossy or satin formula since they are dryer in texture. “Try first lining the whole lip with a lip liner in a similar color to increase longevity of the lip crayon or pencil,” she says.

5. Keep it sharp. Some of the lip crayons and pencils require sharpening and it’s important that you maintain this. “If the crayon isn’t sharpened properly it can develop sharp edges,” says Deenihan. Most drugstore sharpeners offer dual blades to sharpen large and small pencils.-Yahoo! Beauty


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