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5 Things We Can’t Afford To Skip In Our Beauty Routine

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Let’s face it, we can’t be beauty saints all the time. Our busy schedules often mean that sometimes we have to skip a step – or five! – in our daily beauty routine. However, even when you’re time-poor there are certain beauty rituals that should never be missed for the sake of your skin, hair and body. No excuses.

1. Slip, slop, slap
Applying a daily dose of SPF to the face and any exposed areas of the body is an absolute must. Year round in Malaysia we’re exposed to the potential damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. The only safeguard? Sunscreen and lots of it. Not only is sunscreen crucial to help prevent skin cancer but it’s also a must for anyone concerned about the signs of ageing. Fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration are all a potential by-product of sun damage – not a good look.

2. Flossing daily
This isn’t just about keeping your dentist happy. Everyone wants a beautiful, bright smile – and that starts with your daily oral hygiene routine. Brushing every morning and night is a given. However many of us slack off with the toothbrush’s partner against bacteria crime: dental floss. Flossing removes build-from areas that the brush just can’t reach, such as in-between teeth and gums.

3. Heat styling protection
Straightening tongs, curling irons and hairdryers have revolutionised the D.I.Y. styling game. However the flipside of frequently using these high temperature heat stylers is it can have a damaging effect on your strands. Without protection, over styled hair can become thin and frayed. If you’re a slave to your styling tool, using a heat protecting spray is a must in order to provide a shield for your strands. Think of it as the seat belt of your styling routine.

4. Regular exfoliation
Poor old exfoliator – it’s the one stage in our skin and body routine that always seems to falls by the wayside. Scrubbing from top to toe is frequently neglected because: a) it’s time consuming, and b) unlike using a moisturiser, it doesn’t yield immediately visible results. The thing about exfoliator is the benefits come with time. A chemical or mechanical exfoliant buffs away the top layer of dead skin, encouraging cell turnover. In the long run, regularly polished skin will appear brighter due to the exposition of new skin cells.

5. Cleansing before bed
Going to bed with a face full of make-up is an absolute no-no – and not just because you’ll wake up to some unattractive panda eyes! Our skin does its best regenerative work at night, but that’s near impossible if the pores are gunked up with make-up. Clogged pores also increase the likelihood of breakouts. The solution is simple: always use a make-up remover and cleanse nightly. Even if you’ve had a late night out, a once-over with a cleansing wipe is better than nothing!MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID


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