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5 Simple Nighttime Beauty Regiments To Wake Up With Gorgeous Skin

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Let’s face it: Your morning skin-care routine can (and often does) turn into a race against the clock. So why not let your products do the heavy lifting for you while you sleep—instead of rushing through a complicated a.m. process? Follow these skin-care tips for achieving overnight radiance.

1. Use a One-Step Makeup Remover

Sleeping in cosmetics is a surefire way to clog your pores and boost free radicals, which speed up the aging process. To promote glowy, clean skin that is super-receptive to the products you apply in the morning, look for a two-in-one product. Cleansers that remove makeup and clean the skin at the same time are great shortcuts to reduce beauty regimen time. I particularly love Neutrogena Makeup Removal Towelettes (Rm28.50).

2. Exfoliate With Glycolic Acid

Sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells gives you extra radiance. But exfoliating daily with conventional grainy exfoliators can be really harsh on skin, confusing the oil glands and actually making your face oilier. Instead, try glycolic acid, which is gentler. Before big events, use a product like Avene TriAcneal cream (RM187) which has a blend of glycolic, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone to plump up fine lines, give the skin radiance, and allow makeup to go on a smooth canvas the next day.

3. Try A Night Oil

To get a boost of radiance overnight with just one drop of product, night oils may be your best friend. They penetrate into the skin better than other products, providing a great vehicle for active ingredients. Use a night oil a few times a week to give your complexion an extra boost, like this one that my mum uses to get her glowy complexion, Caudalie Overnight Repair Oil (RM188.50).

4. …Or a Multitasking Face Cream

Love the luxurious feeling of slathering on a super-hydrating cream at night? To boost glow while you sleep, apply a multitasking face cream that not only hydrates, but also exfoliates. Look for one that contails polyhydroxy acids like gluconolactone and lactobionic acids. Apply a thick layer before bed, and cleanse it off in the morning for a radiant finish. I recommend Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar Night (RM140).

5. Put On a Sleep Mask

Overnight masks are a great way to treat your skin and give it extra attention. The skin undergoes more cellular repair during sleep and can be more receptive to products at this time.Apply an overnight mask a few times a week in lieu of going through your usual nighttime regimen. Simply cleanse, slather on a layer of the mask, and go to sleep. Try Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (RM155) because it contains avocado oil, which hydrates and provides a boost of antioxidants.MYNEWSHUB


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