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5 Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Own

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We rely on our shoes for more than just walking around. They’re the one accessory that can add a finishing touch to any outfit, completing your look with that special bit of personal flair. And they can instantly change the mood of what you’re wearing.

So it’s easy to argue that you need many different styles of shoes. But indulge in too many and you risk being left with a closet full of barely worn shoes. The best way to avoid that yet still look stylish? Focus on styles with real staying power like these 10 classics. They’ll cover you in almost any situation — now and for years to come.


1. Pumps


Pumps can create a powerful statement, particularly if the heel is high and the toe is narrow. They always make the perfect partner for your day-to-day work look.

2. Ballet Flats


Slip into a ballet flat for a more casual work look or if you’re buzzing around on the weekend for a pretty, polished moment. They can also look extremely chic with a short, sweet dress, day or night.

3. High-Heeled Daytime Shoes


If you’re dressing to impress, complete your look with a special shoe that shows off your unique style. Platforms, patterns, colours and skins can turn basic into bold in one easy step.

4. Strappy Evening Sandals


An absolute must in every wardrobe is a pair of evening shoes. The strappier, the better, as this is the perfect time to bare more of your foot. Black and metallics are the most timeless and are therefore the best investment because they work with more looks in your closet.

5. Sneakers


While sneakers work in any casual capacity, try lacing on a pair with your man-tailored trousers. Since they come in so many colours and materials, even grey cashmere, you can turn a basic look into a bravo moment. They make a great stand-in for a more polished shoe with denim, trousers and even skirts and give every outfit an easy, carefree look.-MYNEWSHUB.CC




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