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5 New Beauty Trends To Look Out For

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Wondering if that new product is worth a try? We’ve separated the good from the gimmicks and chosen the beauty innovations we think are here to stay:

1. Skin supplements

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Taking supplements for skin health is nothing new, but the new formulas are certainly fancy. Ingredients such as probiotics, aloe vera and grape seed extract, and herbs such as horsetail and dandelion all have a beneficial effect on skin and are popping up in more products. Applying a topical treatment to skin only treats the superficial layer or the epidermis. For more effective results, you want to treat the hypodermis and this is best done internally.

2. Gel polish remover



Gel nail polish is increasingly popular because it has a great finish and dries faster, plus it tends to chip less and last longer. However, removal usually involves soaking your fingers in acetone or leaving an acetone-soaked cotton ball on the nail for 10-20 minutes. Dermatologists warn that absorbing acetone can cause skin irritation, redness and dryness, the nails can become brittle and flake, and repeated use can increase your risk of contact dermatitis. Gel removers is formulated to sit on top of the nail and not touch the skin, so there’s less chance of the acetone being absorbed. To use, you lightly buff the top coat of colour, then apply the gel and wait for 45 seconds before removing the polish.

3. Bee venom


This is appearing in various anti-ageing products and is said to plump skin by tricking it into thinking it’s been stung, which stimulates an increased flow of blood and the production of collagen and elastin. The venom is extracted without causing any harm to the bees as a plate on the hive emits an electrical charge, which stimulates them to release venom, but not their sting. A patch test is advised before use and anyone who’s allergic to bees should obviously avoid such products.

4. Smart sunscreens


Remember when your only choice of sunscreen was thick, greasy and left a white sheen? Well, the new wave of products work to improve your skin as well as protect it from the sun. Sunscreen shields skin from damaging UV rays, but allows some of the UVB rays that your body uses to produce vitamin D to be absorbed. There are also sunscreens that have been specially formulated for hyperpigmentation (look for a high SPF with skin brightening), oily skin (opt for ultra sheer or oil-free varieties) and sensitive skin.

5. Blur technology


Nearly every major skincare brand is using this technology, which utilises tiny particles to scatter light. They’re not small enough to be absorbed, so they cling to and minimise the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, helping to hide imperfections – think of it as a camera filter for your skin. MYNEWSHUB

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