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5 DIY Beauty Recipes On Pinterest That You Should Never Try

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Pinterest might be your go-to site for creative inspiration on home decor or fashion tips, but skin care? Not so much.

While there are plenty of natural skin care tips available in the site, but most of them are probably not too good for your skin as they claim it would be, according to dermatologist Rachel Nazarian.

“Remember, you skin is an organ,” she told Refinery29. ““You wouldn’t throw random kitchen and household chemicals on your eyes, or in your ears. Don’t treat your skin any differently.” So here are the 5 instances of so-called “miracle do-alls” that can actually be harmful to your skin:

Lemon and Sugar Scrub

This might be one of Pinterest’s most popular DIY treatments and, sadly, one of the most harmful to your epidermis. “Skin has its own natural pH, which is much higher than the pH of citric fruits like lemons and limes — and, using them on skin can cause serious irritation and break down protective oils,” says Nazarian. And, the sugar? “The addition of sugar only increases the irritation, physically exfoliating delicate tissue that’s already been weakened and inflamed by the lemon juice.” Ouch, the ultimate bad skin care double whammy.

Toothpaste Spot Treatment

What teenager hasn’t dabbed toothpaste on an emerging pimple before bed? The logic makes sense — sort of. “Thought to be helpful because of its antibacterial nature, toothpaste is essentially a super concentrated cleanser,” says Nazarian. But, there’s a downside: “Yes, it kills bacteria on the skin, but all those extra additives and foaming agents also destroy the delicate skin barrier.” Red patches in place of a pimple? We’ll pass.

Homemade Sunscreen

“This is an absolute no-no,” warns Nazarian. “Sunscreen is carefully manufactured, tested, and re-tested to ensure you’re getting the precise SPF you’re counting on to keep your skin safe. No other topical is guaranteed to absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation, or to safely neutralize the free radical damage that’s caused by sunlight.” ‘Nuff said.

Baking Soda Facial Cleanser

Some like to incorporate baking soda into their normal face wash for an added exfoliating kick. “We’re back to the same issue,” says Nazarian. “Baking soda is a more ‘basic’ — meaning higher pH chemical than found normally on skin. Applying it to skin will throw off the natural balance, leading to inflammation and red, angry tissue.” Good for cookies, not so good for skin, apparently.

Mayonnaise Moisturizer

Though the egg and oil in mayo can be beneficial for parched skin, other ingredients can be super problematic, such as lemon juice and vinegar, which are highly acidic. “It’s not worth using mayonnaise, which will add in the extra acid and risk irritating sensitive skin,” advises Nazarian. And the fact that it smells bad also make us cringe.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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